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Bitchin' Vegan Cocktails

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Sometimes it can be hard to know which alcoholic drinks are or are not vegan. Check out some of the cocktail recipes below for some boozy inspiration and useful tips to identify your favourite tipples.


Thankfully most alcoholic spirits such as rum, vodka, whiskey and gin are vegan! However, sometimes companies may use filtration techniques, equipment lubrication, packaging, types of sugar which are not vegan or add flavourings such as honey making them non-vegan.

Common spirits and some wines, proseccos and champagnes can be vegan. Within each category there can be elements which would make a drink non-vegan, in rums, vodka, whiskeys, gin and liqueurs, honey can be present. Sometimes when creating wines, beer and lagers, filtration techniques can include animal definitives. Thankfully most brand company's are being progressively more transparent about their brewing techniques and often you can find out if a product is vegan straight from their website.

If you are unsure if your favourite tipple is vegan here's a great tip!

Check out the website '' Barnivore conveniently allows you to type in and search for your favourite beverage and will instantly tell if it is vegan, and if not they will often tell you why. You can also search on most mainstream supermarkets' websites, like Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda and Co-op for example 'vegan wine', and they will highlight which vegan wines are available.

The majority of popular rums are thankfully vegan, including Barcardi, Lambs, Mount Gay, Havana Club, Sailor Jerry's Spiced, Flor de Caña, Plantation and Sainsbury's and Tesco's own brand white and dark rums. Captain Morgan's on the other hand are so protective over their secret recipe they have sadly, never fully been able to divulge whether or not their products are vegan.



The classic mojito showcases some simple ingredients which can then be tweaked to make alternatives of the Cuban classic.

Most Classic Mojitos will include the following simple ingredients:

  • White Rum

  • Fresh Lime Wedges

  • Fresh Mint Leaves

  • Brown Sugar

  • Soda Water

To create a refreshing and super summery Raspberry Mojito just add 4 or 5 fresh raspberries when you muddle the limes at the beginning and keep a few extra back for garnish.

Aperol Spritz!

When it comes to vermouths, gins and liqueurs, most are vegan however some add sweeteners such as honey to a list of many other ingredients they use to infuse the alcohol with exciting and interesting flavours.

Did you know the Italian apéritif Aperol dates all the way back to the 1950s?! The unmistakable orange hue and sweet yet zesty finish is perfect for celebrations with sophistication or sipping whilst the sun sets on a warm summer's night.

To make a classic Aperol Spritz is incredibly easy, grab a large wine glass and fill it with lots of ice and the following ingredients:

  • 60ml Aperol

  • 60ml Prosecco

  • Soda Water

  • Fresh Orange Slice

To a large wine glass filled with ice, pour in equal parts prosecco and Aperol (adding the prosecco first stops the Aperol from sitting at the bottom) and top up with a dash of soda. Garnish with a large slice of fresh orange, give it a quick stir and enjoy!

Espresso Martini!

A classic pick me up! The Espresso Martini is an alcoholic cold, coffee cocktail, which is smooth to drink and will perk you up in no time. Perfect for any time of the day, pre or post-dinner, even early brunches!

To make a classic vegan espresso martini use the following ingredients:

  • 25ml Vodka or Patron XO Cafe Tequila

  • 25ml vegan coffee liquor (such as Tia Maria)

  • One shot of freshly brewed espresso

  • A few coffee beans to garnish on top

Brew the espresso and add to a cocktail shaker 3/4 filled with ice, add the vodka or tequila, the coffee liquor and shake vigorously until the shaker feels ice cold. Strain into a chilled martini glass, coaxing out any foam left in the shaker and sit the coffee beans on top. Sip and enjoy the espresso martini as a pre-dinner aperitif or sip for a relaxing evening digestif.

Some Espresso Martinis will call for Kahlua which as of recently is not vegan. If you did want to add another version of coffee liqueur to the recipe you could try 25ml of vegan coffee liquor such as Tia Maria or Lyre's non-alcoholic vegan coffee liquor or 25ml of Bailey's Almande which will then give the cocktail the resemblance of the popular coffee 'the flat white.' If you prefer your coffee a little sweeter add in 10ml of sugar syrup before shaking.

Not sure if your favourite cocktail is vegan? No problem... contact me here and I'll veganize it for you!

H x

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