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What better on these beautifully warm sunny days than a light and refreshing bowl of guacamole for lunch? Pair with tortilla chips, stuff into a sweet potato, top off your favourite bowl of chilli with it, the possibilities are endless!

This is a fail safe, super tasty and easy guacamole recipe that comes out perfect every time.


3 Large avocados

3 Medium ripe tomatoes

1 Medium red onion

2 Red chillies

1/2 tsp smoked paprika

The juice of 1 lime

Small bunch of fresh coriander leaves

Salt & Pepper


Cut, peel and deseed your avocados, and lightly mash in a bowl. Some people prefer their guac super smooth, others dice theirs into large cubes, I go for a mixture of both. To obtain this mash two avocados first and slightly mash in the last one so you have some large chunks in there too.

Remove the seeds from the tomatoes, finely dice and add to the bowl with the avocadoes. Finely dice the red onion and add this too. Slice or dice the red chillies and add to the bowl along with 1/2 a tsp of smoked paprika (my secret ingredient), the juice of 1 lime and the finely chopped leaves of a small bunch of fresh coriander (always include the stalks, they are super healthy and full of fibre and flavour!)

Give everything a good stir through, folding the ingredients into themselves as to keep the bright green colour vibrant. Season to taste with a good twist of salt and black pepper.

This guacamole is best once it's had time to cool in the fridge (around 20 mins) but if you can't wait you can eat it straight away.

(Tip: If you need to make this in advance, store in the fridge and push the seeds from the avocados into the guac and cover with cling film, this will help prevent it from going brown.)

This guacamole goes great with simple tortilla chips or dolloped on top of my squash and black bean chilli.

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H x

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